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Floor CleaningEquipment We’re a company up to the challenge!

Depureco supplies the West Midlands and greater UK with a comprehensive range of industrial cleaning machines – from floor sweepers to coolant vacuums and more. With our help, you can keep your flooring flawless for years to come.
Whether you’re dealing with a routine dust problem or a potential contamination, we have a cost-effective solution for you.

Industries we Specialise in

Whichever industry you are in, we are confident we can assist you with your cleaning requirements. Here are a few industries we are currently working with.


Debris free and clean floors is paramount so there is no contamination and within health and safety regulations.

See Scrubbers Dryers, Floor Sweepers and Battery Vacuums


Keeping the areas and environment dust free by using vacuums and sweepers.

See Our Range of Vacuums and Floor Sweepers


Cleaning in the food industry is critical. Process equipment and floor surfaces need to be kept clean and free from bacteria to reduce and prevent cross-contamination. This can be achieved by using our vacuums and floor scrubbers.

See All Our Vacuums especially Puma, Swan, Coolant and ATEX. Also Scrubbers Dryers would be ideal for this industry.


Slips, trips and falls. Customers do not want to see dirty floors and there are huge oil cost savings.

See All our Vacuums, Scrubbers Dryers and ATEX machines.

Plastics & Paper

To make sure your work place is safe from slips, trips and falls; make sure your floors are clean and tidy.

See All our Vacuums, Scrubbers Dryers and ATEX Machines.

Chemical Pharmaceutical

We have specialist machines and all purpose machines for general cleaning.

See everything we offer, Vacuums, Floor Sweepers and Scrubbers Dryers.

Floor Sweepers

The Mach 1 is a new walk-behind sweeper ideal for the fast, efficient sweeping of medium sized areas.

Learn more about Floor Sweepers

Scrubber Dryers

The M1100 ECO is a heavy duty ride-on scrubber dryer ideal for the professional cleaning of areas up to 8.000 m².

Learn more about Scrubber Dryers

ATEX Vacuums

Designed to be used in areas where there is a presence of explosive vapours and/or explosive dust, our range of ATEX certified machines meet strict health and safety requirements for workplaces where there’s a risk of explosions.

When these dangerous substances are in the atmosphere, a traditional vacuum cleaner can become a potential ignition source, which can cause explosions or fires. ATEX vacuums have been designed to remove this potential trigger, with safe motors and switchgears, protecting the operator and any passers-by.

Learn more about ATEX Vacuums

Depureco Vacuums

At Depureco, we supply and service a complete range of heavy duty industrial vacuums and vacuum extractors, suitable for a wide variety of onsite cleaning operations.

Our vacuums are used in industries such as engineering, fabrication, powder coating, plastics, chemicals, brick and tile manufacture, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, paper / tissue, packaging, printing, electronics, woodworking, ceramics colours / dyes, automotive, distribution / logistics. Our versatile products can be used anywhere.

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