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Introducing the BL 45 Z22 industrial vacuum cleaner, a compact powerhouse from the esteemed Depureco lineup, boasting ATEX certification for safe operation in hazardous environments. This vacuum relies on a high-performance Brushless motor for suction, ensuring a balance of power and silence during operation.

Equipped with a generous surface filter (35,000 cm2) certified to class M standards, with filtration efficiency reaching down to 1 micron, the BL 45 Z22 effectively captures dust particles. For applications requiring the utmost precision, an optional absolute H14 filter can be installed upon request.

Crafted from standard AISI 304 stainless steel, the filter chamber ensures durability and reliability. The cleaning process is made convenient and efficient with a robust manual shaker, ensuring optimal performance of the filter.

Material collection is facilitated by an AISI 304 stainless steel container with a capacity of 45 liters, providing ample storage for collected debris.

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Key Features

Suction Unit

Filtering Unit

suction unit bl45.webp

The suction unit is a powerful brushless motor, which is suitable to work in continuous mode. There are two filters on the motor head: one to protect the motor and the other positioned on the air outlet. The exhaust air is totally carbon free.

Atex Filter.png

The main filter is made of sturdy antistatic polyester. Inside the fabric, there is a conductive net which avoids any electrostatic charge. The star shape ensures a large filter surface in a compact space and the passage of the air also when the filter is dirty. The fabric of the filter is M class (BIA | EN 60335-2 -69) certified. It means that all particles until 1 micron are stopped by the filter, so as to protect the motor and the operator around the vacuum cleaner.

Filter Shaker

Collection Bin


On one side of the filter chamber there is an ergonomic manual shaker through which the operator can easily and quickly clean the filter, removing any dust and debris from its surface. Thanks to this smart cleaning system the operator can carry on working without needing to change or wash the filter.

Atex Bin.png

The vacuumed material is collected in an AISI 304 stainless steel container, equipped with a metal handle that enables the bin to be detached from the machine, to avoid any spark that could be generated by the electrostatic charge. Thanks to the 4 sturdy pivoting wheels, the bin can be moved very easily to then dispose of the collected material.

Technical Specification

bl45 tech specs.png


Technical Sheet


Certificate of Comformity

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