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Introducing the FOX 5.5 S, an industrial vacuum renowned for its robustness and efficiency. Powered by a 3 kW side channel turbine, this vacuum is designed for uninterrupted operation, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance.

Featuring a spacious filter chamber housing a large surface polyester filter (24,000 cm2), certified as M Class with a 1-micron filtration efficiency, the FOX 5.5 S excels at capturing even the finest dust particles. The filter is shielded by a durable metal cyclone welded inside the chamber, ensuring enhanced protection and longevity.

For enhanced adaptability, the FOX industrial vacuum offers a range of filter options to suit diverse professional applications. These include Teflon water-repellent filters, Nomex filters resistant to temperatures up to 250°C, and filters treated with PTFE for handling binding and challenging dust.


Additionally, upon request, the unit can be outfitted with an H14 absolute filter to meet specific filtration requirements.

Equipped with a generous 100-liter detachable container on wheels, operators can effortlessly collect and empty vacuumed materials. Disposable collection bags are also compatible, providing added convenience. Furthermore, a floating system can be integrated into the container, enabling safe vacuuming of liquids without compromising safety.

With its powerful performance, adaptable filtration options, and user-friendly design, the FOX 5.5 S industrial vacuum offers a reliable solution for a wide array of industrial cleaning tasks.

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Key Features

Suction Unit

Filtering Unit

Suction unit side blow.png

The suction unit is a side channel blower with direct coupling between motor and impeller. The side channel blower is equipped with a safety valve to guarantee continued work in complete safety, without any maintenance. The blower is also equipped with a metal silencer to maintain a low noise level.

Filter tx300 z22.png

The filtration is guaranteed by an M class polyester filter. The star shape enables air to flow through the filter even when it is dirty. The fabric of the filter is classified as M Class (BIA | EN 60335-2-69). This means that all particles till 1 micron are stopped by the filter so as to protect the blower and the operator around the vacuum cleaner


Collection Bin


The tangential inlet is designed to ease the process of pushing the material down the bin. A sturdy metal cyclone welded inside the chamber slows the material's entry speed considerably down so that it falls directly inside the bin. This way, the filter is efficiently protected, minimizing clogging risk.


The material is collected inside a painted container equipped with a metal handle which enables the bin to be detached from the machine. Thanks to its 4 swiveling wheels, the bin can be easily moved and emptied. Each wheel is reinforced to guarantee maximum stability during handling.

Technical Specification

fox 5.5 s tech specs.png


Technical Sheet


Certificate of Comformity

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