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Oil Ram 1000 - Oil and Swarf Industrial Vacuum

The RAM OIL 1000 industrial vacuum, equipped with a 1000-liter tank, is ideal for cleaning the tanks of CNC machines. Its efficiency in cleaning and replenishing oil lubricants-coolants, as well as vacuuming metal shavings and swarf, makes it widely used in industrial settings. The RAM OIL 1000 from the Depureco oil and swarf range features a “reverse flow” system for emptying liquids, eliminating additional maintenance and the risk of pump clogs during liquid transfer.

Powered by a side channel blower, this vacuum ensures excellent suction speed and liquid refill capabilities. The tank includes a quick-release metal basket to separate solids from liquids, and a 150-micron filter for effective swarf filtration. An electrical level indicator inside the container halts airflow when maximum capacity is reached. The vacuum comes standard with an oil accessories kit perfect for vacuuming CNC machines. Additionally, a drainage pump for continuous liquid discharge is available upon request.

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Key Features

Suction Unit

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The suction unit is a side channel blower with direct coupling between motor and impeller. The side channel blower is equipped with a safety valve to guarantee continued work in complete safety, without any maintenance. The blower is also equipped with a metal silencer to maintain a low noise level.

Filtering Unit

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The collected liquid goes through a PPL filter with a 150µ efficiency. Thanks to it it's possible to separate even the smallest solid particles, making the filtered liquid suitable for reuse. The filter can be washed and reused easily. An disposable TNT filter (efficiency 100µ).



The vacuumed material enters the machine through a flanged intake nozzle located above the metal mesh basket's lid to then be filtered inside it. The quick release basket is equipped with a PPL filter and acts as a sieve. The liquid is then collected inside the large tank, ready for re-use.

Discharge System


Using the inversion of the blower's outlet airflow, which can be activated through a handy ergonomic lever placed on the pump's casing, the vacuumed liquid can easily be discharged. A tap placed on the rear part of the machine enables the operator to attach a hose for discharge and to control the outlet flow.

Technical Specification

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Technical Sheet


Certificate of Comformity

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