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M70 Oil and Swarf Industrial Vacuum

The M 70 OIL industrial vacuum cleaner is specifically engineered to efficiently extract oil and metal shavings from the tanks, tables, and guides of machine tools. Utilizing two motors operating in tandem, it delivers exceptional suction speed for thorough cleaning.

Featuring a metal basket within its container, this vacuum facilitates the separation of solid particles from liquids, aided by a 150-micron nylon filter for enhanced filtration. An electric floating level switch automatically halts suction when the container reaches maximum capacity, which is 70 liters of emulsified oil.

For effortless disposal, the vacuum includes a gravity-fed discharge pipe positioned at the container's base. Optionally, users can equip a drainage pump for simultaneous liquid filtration and disposal.

Mounted on wheels, the M 70 OIL vacuum allows operators to conveniently empty collected materials, including liquid discharge into external containers for further processing or decanting.

This is also available in a 100L variant which boosts 3.9Kw of Power

m70 oil.png

Key Features

Suction Unit

Filtering Unit

Suction is provided by 2 by-pass motors. Each motor is operated by an independent switch that allows the operator to control the suction performance. The vacuum motors are housed in a sturdy metal casing, with an insulating sponge to maintain a low noise level

Filter tx300 z22.png

The collected liquid passes through a PPL filter with an efficiency of 150µ. Thanks to this, it is possible to separate even the smallest solid particles, making the filtered liquid suitable for reuse. The filter can be washed and reused easily. A disposable TNT filter is also available (Efficiency 100µ)

Exhaust Section


To drain the collected liquid, the container is equipped with a drain hose at the bottom. Liquids are drained by gravity.

Technical Specification

oil and swarf tech specs.png


Technical Sheet


Certificate of Comformity

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