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Experience the pinnacle of industrial cleaning with the MACH 8, a powerhouse sweeper designed to tackle the toughest environments with ease. Boasting a generous cleaning path of up to 2,310 mm, this robust machine is engineered for unrivaled performance, effortlessly handling vast quantities of dust and gravel.

Crafted from steel, both in chassis and body, the MACH 8 epitomizes durability, ensuring longevity even in the most demanding of settings, such as heavy industries. With a massive dirt container capacity of up to 500 L, this sweeper is tailored for swiftly cleansing expansive areas plagued by heavy dirt and dust accumulation.

What sets the MACH 8 apart is its innovative design, offering unique features like direct forward throw sweeping and a front-mounted driving position equipped with an automotive steering system. This groundbreaking design enhances maneuverability, particularly advantageous in navigating confined or congested spaces like logistics warehouses bustling with constant movement of goods.

Easy to operate and boasting a compact turning radius, the MACH 8 effortlessly glides through corridors between stock racks, perfectly fitting within the average width of 3,000 mm found in modern logistics centers.

A standout feature of the MACH 8 is its ability to conquer obstacles like speed bumps and sudden changes in gradient with unparalleled efficiency. Unlike any other industrial sweeper on the market, the MACH 8 provides a practical solution to this challenge, making it the ideal choice for maintaining large parking areas, whether open air, covered, or multi-story.

With the capability to navigate gradients of up to 21% without sacrificing power, the MACH 8 excels in delivering thorough cleaning performance across diverse terrains. From expansive industrial facilities to bustling logistics centers, the MACH 8 stands as the epitome of efficiency and reliability in commercial cleaning solutions.


  • MACH 8 HDK – with 1,500 cm3, 4-cylinder, 36 hp Kubota engine with liquid cooling.

  • MACH 8  HGK LPG – with 1537 cm3,  4-cylinder, 42,6/44,8 Hp (Petrol / LPG) Kubota engine with liquid cooling.


  • INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING: Paper mills, cement works, glassworks, foundries, brickworks, sawmills, power plants, distilleries…

  • LOGISTICS: warehouses, logistics hubs, food storage facilities, ports and airports, grain and seed stores, fruit and vegetable wholesale markets…

  • PUBLIC AREAS: town centers, pedestrian areas, cycle lanes, car parking, concert and event venues…

  • OTHER SECTORS: multistorey and open-air car parking, regional airports, hospitals, exhibition centres, shopping centres, resorts, holiday villages, stadiums, sports centres, theme parks and recycling centres.  


Concrete, porcelain tile, road surfaces, quartz finished concrete, paving stones, self-blocking paving stones, porphyry, cobblestones, asphalt and any other floor types in any condition.

Key Features


Automotive steering system


The dirt container (also known as the hopper), with rear hydraulic lift, is made completely in steel and has a capacity of 500 L. The high dump system (which lifts to a height of 1.580 mm) effectively compacts debris, utilizing all the available space in the container, before having to stop operation to empty.

automotive sterring system.jpg

The driving position at the front of the machine, together with an automotive steering system and controls, and front wheel steering, make this powerful sweeper particularly intuitive to drive.      

Independent twin front wheels

Driveover® System

independent twin front wheels.jpg

Rotating around the same pivot, but in opposite directions, the twin front wheels guarantee better stability, reduced wear of the tyre, a tight turning radius, and easy steering from a standing position.

drive over system.jpg

The MACH 8 has been designed to pass over different height speed bumps without problems, an impossible task for other sweepers.

Double side brush

Automatic cleaning of the filter

double sided brush.jpg

On the right side of the machine, which is key when cleaning along curbs and when making turns, there is not just one, but two side brushes therefore raising the standard of cleaning and avoiding the loss of debris during a curve (a phenomenon known as sweeper trailing). A left side brush is also available as an optional.

automatic cleaning filter.jpg

A unique filter shaker automatically activates at the end of operation, in order to shake out dust residues from the filter. It is important to note that the vibrations that shake the filter are only transmitted to the material of the filter and not to the structure of the filter case. This is a fundamental detail which prevents wear of the casing and gaskets.

Wet side brush dust control

Made completely in steel

wet side brush dirt control.jpg

The side brushes of the MACH 8 can be equipped with an optional water nebulizing system to keep down dust during operation. Thanks to the 66 L high capacity stainless steel tank, water flow is guaranteed throughout the entire duration of cleaning.

made of steel.jpg

The chassis and body are made of thick steel which is varnished, guaranteeing maximum resistance even in tough conditions.

Kubota engine

kubota engine.jpg

The MACH 8 is equipped with a 1.500 cm3, 4-cylinder, Kubota engine which is liquid cooled. Kubota is a guarantee of quality and offers a worldwide service network.

Technical Specification


Technical Sheet


Certificate of Comformity

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