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Clean Oil T - Oil and Swarf Industrial Vacuum

The CLEAN OIL T industrial vacuum is specifically designed to vacuum and separate oil and swarf from the tanks, tables, and guides of tooling machines. Its side-channel turbine generates powerful suction, ensuring excellent vacuum speed and efficiency. Compact in size, the CLEAN OIL T can operate continuously and easily access even the narrowest spaces.

The vacuum features a container equipped with a metal basket to separate solids from liquids, and a 150-micron nylon filter for effective filtration. A floating level switch automatically stops suction when the container reaches its maximum capacity of 100 liters of emulsified oil. The container's exterior level indicator shows the amount of liquid inside. Discharge is accomplished through a gravity-based “reverse flow” system, which reintroduces the vacuumed and filtered lubricant-coolant back into the machine.


Key Features

Suction Unit

suction unit.webp

The suction unit is a side channel blower with direct coupling between motor and impeller. The side channel blower is equipped with a safety valve to guarantee continued work in complete safety, without any maintenance. The blower is also equipped with a metal silencer to maintain a low noise level.

Filtering Unit

filtering element.webp

The collected liquid goes through a PPL filter with a 150µ efficiency. Thanks to it it's possible to separate even the smallest solid particles, making the filtered liquid suitable for reuse. The filter can be washed and reused easily. An disposable TNT filter (efficiency 100µ).



The tangential inlet nozzle, welded to a sturdy metal cyclone, is designed to channel the material towards the collection bin where the float level indicator is located which, when the bin is full, interrupts intake by closing the cyclone, thus stopping the vacuuming.

Discharge System

discharge system.webp

A practical lever, installed on the rear part of the vacuum cleaner, allows to rapidly select between vacuuming or discharging operation mode. The flow inversion system uses the exhaust air from the turbine, ensuring the efficiency and speed of the operation.

Technical Specification

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Technical Sheet


Certificate of Comformity

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