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Introducing the M500, an industrial-grade auto-scrubber designed to simplify everyday cleaning tasks without compromising on performance, all within a budget-friendly package.

The M500 is specifically tailored for cleaning high-traffic environments efficiently. With its 500 mm cleaning path, it boasts an impressive productivity rate of 2150 m² per hour, ensuring thorough cleaning while covering a significant area in a short amount of time. Its compact design allows easy access to confined spaces, ensuring comprehensive cleaning coverage.

Equipped with a powerful motor, the M500 generates the highest brush pressure available in a 500 mm machine, guaranteeing exceptional cleaning results. Experience the remarkable cleaning power of the M500, providing industrial-grade performance in an everyday auto-scrubber.

The M500 is part of our 'Mechanical' line, featuring hassle-free controls and no electronic components. This design choice ensures minimal training requirements, easy operation, and low maintenance needs. The M500 is available in three versions to suit different preferences and requirements:

  • M500 B: Powered by a 24 V battery and featuring brush-assisted drive for simplicity and budget-friendly operation.

  • M500 B TRAC: Equipped with fully automatic traction for even easier handling and maneuverability.

  • M500 C: Powered by a cord for unlimited running time, ideal for continuous cleaning operations.

Key Features

Quick Start Experience

High Brush Pressure

quick start m500.jpg

Start cleaning in three easy steps! 1) Turn the key ‘on’ 2) Activate the brush and suction 3) Squeeze the drive bar and go!  

high brush pressure m500.jpg

A powerful motor generates the highest brush pressure (31 kg) on the market in a 500 mm auto-scrubber, for perfect results every time. 

Parabolic Squeegee

Easy Empty Recovery Tank

parabolic squeegee m500.jpg

The impact resistant steel squeegee distributes down pressure along the length of the Linatex® or PRIMOthane® blades, delivering consistent cleaning results even around 180° turns. Tool free replacement makes maintenance easy.

easy empty recovery tank m500.jpg

Recovery tank is equipped with a convenient hose and drain valve, to control the flow of wastewater for simple and flexible emptying. 

Dosematic System

Easy Access Tanks

doesmatic system m500.jpg

Use up to 50% less chemical, saving money and improving productivity. Immediately adjust the amount of detergent and eliminate operator contact with chemicals. Optional feature.

easy access tanks m500.jpg

Full access to the recovery tank for easy cleaning after use ensures complete tank hygiene. 

Anti-foam Safeguard

Hassle Free Batteries

anti foam safeguard m500.jpg

The vacuum motor is protected by an anti-foam safeguard, which prevents against damage.

hassle free batteries m500.jpg

A clever case pulls out to provide easy access to the batteries, making routine maintenance and tool-free replacement simple. An on-board battery charger ensures charging is safe and fast. 

Floating Splashbuard Protection

Solenoid Valve

floating splashguard protection m500.jpg

Eliminates side splash and encloses solution inside the brush for a more precise clean, the floating mechanism protects against wear and allows adjustment to the surface.  

solenoid valve m500.jpg

An industrial solenoid valve automatically activates and deactivates in line with brush activity, effectively controlling the release of solution, saving water, chemical and cost. 

Built in Storage

Electronic Free

built in storage compartment m500.jpg

Clever storage built into the machine hood for operator comfort. 

electronic free m500.jpg

Our ‘Mechanical’ line, specifically designed with hassle free controls and no electronics. The benefits? Minimal training, easy operation and low maintenance.

Technical Specification

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Technical Sheet


Certificate of Comformity

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