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M65/100 Single Phase

The M65/100 is the most powerful single-phase industrial vacuum in the Depureco range. Thanks to the 3 By-Pass motors it can reach an impressive power output of 3.9 kW. The M65/100 industrial vacuum works in all conditions: dust, shavings, liquids, and difficult materials using pipes that can be several meters long. This vacuum cleaner is fitted with a 24,000 cm2 polyester pocket filter certified as M Class by BIA with a 1µ filtration efficiency. The filter can be customized to a specific application. Anti-static filters are available to prevent electrostatic charges, in NOMEX to withstand high temperatures (up to 250°C), Teflon coated to work with wet materials, and with PTFE nanotechnology treatment to work with the most difficult dust. The industrial vacuum is equipped with a manual filter cleaning system. The filter can be shaken easily and effectively with the lever on the side of the vacuum. The M65/100 vacuum cleaner is equipped with a handy detachable container on wheels allowing the operator to collect the vacuumed material and conveniently dispose of it. The container can have a capacity of either 65 lt or 100 lt; in both cases, it has reinforced outer support for the 4 castor wheels so that it can be handled safely even when it contains several kg of material. Tiltable kit for containers available on demand. If the direct bagging system is preferred, the M100 Longopac version is available.

m65 100.png

Key Features

Suction Unit

Filtering Unit

The vacuum is generated by 3 by-pass motors. Each motor is managed by an independent switch, permitting the operator to control the intake performance. The motors are located in a sturdy casing, with an insulating sponge to maintain a low noise level.

Filter tx300 z22.png

The filtration is guaranteed by an M class polyester filter. The star shape enables air to flow through the filter even when it is dirty. The fabric of the filter is classified as M Class (BIA | EN 60335-2-69). This means that all particles till 1 micron are stopped by the filter so as to protect the blower and the operator around the vacuum cleaner

Filter Shaker

Collection Bin


On one side of the filter chamber there is an ergonomic manual shaker through which the operator can easily and quickly clean the filter, removing any dust and debris from its surface. Thanks to this smart cleaning system the operator can carry on working without needing to change or wash the filter.


The material is collected inside a painted container equipped with a metal handle which enables the bin to be detached from the machine. Thanks to its 4 swiveling wheels, the bin can be easily moved and emptied. Each wheel is reinforced to guarantee maximum stability during handling.

Technical Specification


Technical Sheet


Certificate of Comformity

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