What is the best industrial vacuum cleaner?

What is the best industrial vacuum cleaner?

The best industrial vacuum cleaner will depend on what you need to vacuum. There is a vast range of different vacuum cleaners models, which all have specific usage. You may need a heavy-duty vacuum or an ATEX-approved heavy duty vacuum designed for areas where there are explosive vapours or explosive dust. Either way, you will need to learn more about which industrial vacuum cleaner is most appropriate for you by what you need to vacuum.


In every production field, from small craftsmen to large industries, cleaning operations are carried out. To date, the industrial vacuum is the best solution for safely collecting dust, solids and liquids and processing scraps. The industrial vacuum must be robust, safe and reliable. Depureco has more than 120 industrial vacuums in its range of products, with appropriate solutions for every requirement and every type of material. The entire range has powerful suction motors, M class large surface filters (filtration efficiency up to 1 micron), and a three-year guarantee.

For fine powders, take a look at the following vacuums models

What is the best industrial vacuum cleaner for vacuuming fine powders?


The cleaning and maintenance of CNC machining centres and swarf removal machines is a necessary activity to be carried out periodically to ensure the operators’ quality of production and safety. It is a difficult and heavy job, with risks to the worker’s health. Depureco offers a complete range of solutions on the market. It is straightforward to vacuum coolant oil and swarf and then separate them, thus recovering the cutting oil. With a Depureco Oil and Swarf vacuum, you can save on machine downtime and working hours, on the cost of coolant and maintenance is made much safer for the operator.

Take a look at 

What is the best industrial vacuum cleaner for vacuuming lubricating oil and swarf?


One of the main occupational risks for working with dust and gases is a potentially explosive atmosphere. We are talking about the ATEX risk. The vacuum must be set up correctly and certified to operate in the classified work area. Depureco today has one of the widest ranges of ATEX industrial vacuums on the market, with above-average quality and safety standards. From portable ATEX vacuums to ATEX centralised systems, Depureco’s range meets every requirement with customising the vacuum-based application needs.

Take a look at

What is the best industrial vacuum cleaner for vacuuming atex areas?


Depureco has a wide range of welding fume extractors with arm and welding fume extractors with direct extraction from the welding torch. The fume extractors with arms are available in the trolley-mounted or wall-mounted version. The welding fumes can be extracted from the torch using portable, compact extractors on wheels to large centralised vacuum systems. Every model is fitted with high-quality filters to ensure maximum operator safety.

Take a look at


Please get in touch with us for more information on these models.

What is the best industrial vacuum cleaner for vacuuming welding fumes?


There may be combustible specks of dust in many working situations that develop by specific production cycles. These clouds of dust, which are typically very light, are dispersed in the work environment creating problems for workers’ health, production quality and machine safety. Depureco has a full range of mobile industrial vacuums with an articulated suction arm and adjustable hood with airflow control to manage this problem. The range also includes solutions for working in explosive atmospheres with an ATEX risk. It is possible to choose either a manual filter cleaning system or an automatic one. All of our industrial vacuum cleaners can be customised to meet your requirements. 

A situation where a customer is vacuuming suspended dust


In the work environment, dust represents a very high risk to the operator’s health. When an industrial vacuum is working, the chances can increase considerably if the vacuum’s filter unit is not suitable for the type of application. Depureco puts itself on the market with a massive range of solutions for managing dangerous, fine, volatile, toxic and carcinogenic specks of dust, including those in work environments with an ATEX risk of explosion. What makes the difference is the filter, namely its filtration class, its design, the cleaning system and much more, intrinsic in the construction features of the vacuum cleaner.

What is the best industrial vacuum cleaner for vacuuming toxic dust?


Most small materials will not be a problem for our range of industrial vacuum cleaners, such as small metals, plastic, wood, glass, ceramics, tiny fibres, food pellets and more.

Generally, our vacuums can make light work of most liquids also. 

An ATEX machine vacuuming large quantities of materials?


What makes up the best industrial vacuum cleaner?

Please get in touch with us for more information on what you need vacuuming, the size of the area, and we can provide the models which would be most suitable for you.

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