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Introducing the MACH 1, the trailblazer in walk-behind vacuum sweepers, engineered to deliver unparalleled cleaning performance with its innovative filtration system.

Available in two versatile models:

  1. Battery Version: Perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments, offering emission-free and silent operation.

  2. Honda Engine: Tailored for outdoor use, maximizing running time and efficiency.

The MACH 1 sets the standard for durability, crafted from robust steel and fortified with an indestructible ABS protective coating. Its resilient finish retains a pristine appearance over time, thanks to a durable paint that never fades. With a compact design and large mark-free wheels, the MACH 1 ensures exceptional maneuverability, effortless handling, and adaptability to various indoor and outdoor settings.

Equipped with an intelligent vacuum filtration system, the MACH 1 ensures dust-free cleaning and optimal productivity. A fully adjustable chevron-shaped brush efficiently captures dirt, guiding it towards the brush center and eliminating side debris. Utilizing the ingenious over-throw principle, the brush guarantees complete debris collection, maximizing the 40-liter (11-gallon) hopper capacity.

Designed with the operator in mind, the MACH 1 prioritizes user comfort and resilience. An adjustable handle and intuitive controls enhance usability, while simple yet intelligent features deliver powerful cleaning performance without the hassle of maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Power Source: Battery or Honda Engine

  • Usage: Ideal for small to medium areas

  • Suited for janitorial and industrial environments

  • Productivity: Sweeps up to 3,500 m² (37,700 ft²) per hour

  • Hopper Capacity: 40 liters (11 gallons)

Experience unmatched cleaning efficiency and reliability with the MACH 1 walk-behind vacuum sweeper, setting a new standard in cleanliness and productivity.


Key Features

Vacuum Filtration System

Ingenious Hopper Emptying

MACH 1 vacuum filtration system.jpg

Innovative polyester house filter, captures 99.9% of dust creating a clean and safe environment. A mechanical shaker enables easy cleaning, reducing maintenance and increasing filter life span.

mach 1 ingenious hopoper.jpg

The 40-litre hopper reduces downtime, and increases productivity. Fitted with a convenient handle, wheels and 2 removable baskets the container is very easy to transport and empty

Intuiative Operation

Responsive Handling

mach 1 intuituve operation.jpg

The ergonomic design ensures maximum user comfort and simple operation. Controls are easy to identify on a simple dashboard, with quick access to the key switch, brush control and vacuum filter isolation.

mach 1 responsive handling.jpg

Forward traction can be activated via a lever positioned on the operator’s handle. It is incredibly responsive enabling high maneuverability and complete control during machine operation. 

Front Flap Control

Easy Access Main Brush

mach 1 front flap control.jpg

The machine is equipped with front flap control, directly accessed from the dashboard, it allows effortless pick up of larger debris. 

mach 1 easy access main brush.jpg

The MACH 1 is designed to stand securely on its rear end, providing full access to the side and main brush for quick maintenance and replacement. 

Technical Specification



Technical Sheet


Certificate of Comformity

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