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If you need a quick way to keep your floors free of contamination, choose a pedestrian or ride-on scrubber dryer from Depureco. We supply and service a wide range of scrubber dryers in all sorts of sizes, which are suitable for many different commercial and industrial environments. Our scrubber dryers quickly remove the dirt from floors, and then dry most of the excess liquid, leaving floors clean and safe.

Scrubber dryers Mach 6 sweepers supplied UK wide
from the West Midlands

Easy operation

When it comes to cleaning, it’s important things are kept simple, and there’s often only a short window of time where you can clean. Therefore, using a pedestrian scrubber dryer or other model from our range, can make life easier. Designed to be simple to use, and with added safety features, they’re ideal for busy environments, public areas, or industrial applications. Depureco’s range of scrubber dryers help keep your floors clean and safe, without the hard work.

Floor Scrubber Sizes to suit all

Depureco are based in the West Midlands and supply scrubber dryers to all sorts of customers across the UK. Because we have customers in many different industries, when you’re looking for a floor scrubber dryer, our team can help you find the right one. Smaller facilities such as shops and restaurants might prefer one of our compact models, which is light and easy to push along, with lots of features that make it easy to use. The range then increases in size, and a ride-on scrubber dryer can be an excellent choice for industrial environments, where using a pedestrian scrubber would take all day.

High-quality Scrubber Dryer machines

From food production to engineering works, our machines are used in many different applications. Therefore, they need to be reliable. Choose a scrubber dryer machine from Depureco, and you can be sure of a high-quality brand, with excellent levels of on-site and technical support, plus a manufacturers warranty. We even come to your site to train operators, making sure you get the best from your purchase.

Ensure your floors are spotless

Depureco supply and service a complete range of pedestrian and ride-on floor scrubber dryers suitable for a variety of on site floor cleaning operations.

Depureco scrubber dryers are ideal for quickly removing contamination from floors and easily maintaining a clean and safe floor area.

Our scrubber dryers

The machines are used in many applications ranging from food production to engineering works, anywhere there is a floor cleaning problem Depureco can assist. Depureco are committed to supplying the correct drying machine to provide a long and cost effective service life.
All scrubber dryers are supplied with on site operator training and a range of accessories to suit your particular requirements.

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