PUMA 10 12 15 18

Our Puma vacuums range is aimed at heavy-duty cleaning such as foundry, ceramic, nautical and mechanical industries. The main features include:

  • A large filtering surface
  • An auto dumping system for debris
  • And a remote control for the central vacuum system.

Max Air Flow  : m³/h 570
Characteristic : Vacuum: mBar 250
Applications : Cleaning Companies – Mechanical – Other Applications


PUMA 10 12 15 18

Quick cleaning

Many businesses are now 24-hour operations or have long opening times, meaning there’s little time for cleaning. Once your business is closed for the day, you don’t want to spend hours cleaning, which is why a heavy-duty vacuum comes in handy. It quickly rids your floors of dirt and debris, and HEPA or ATEX-certified vacuums available.

Easy to use

Depureco’s vacuum cleaners may be powerful, but they are designed to be user-friendly, with features such as wheels to make them easy to move. When you’re industrial vacuum cleaning, you want to be sure you catch all the debris, and our cleaners have excellent suction power, with features such as hoses to allow you to get into corners.

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