Mach 6 Ride on Sweeper

Mach 6 Ride on Sweeper, perfect sweeping, any environment

The MACH 6 is a robust high-dump sweeper with our innovative house filtration system fitted as standard, ensuring complete dust control and no clogging. Experience powerful sweeping in any environment.

Heavy-duty, packed with features, the MACH 6 Ride on Sweeper go above and beyond to deliver the best sweeping results.

Our top of the range machine, the MACH 6, is a robust high-dump sweeper entirely powered by hydraulics. It is the only 156 cm / 61-inch sweeper with a house vacuum filtration system, ensuring complete dust control and perfect sweeping results.

The MACH 6 Ride on Sweeper is heavy-duty, designed to perform in even the most demanding environments. It is highly manoeuvrable, with a top of the range steering system that delivers effortless control. Sweeping at a top speed of 12 km/h / 7.5 mph with a 156 cm / 61-inch sweeping path provides a productivity rate of 18.720 m² / 201,500 ft² per hour. The MACH 6 guarantees to deliver a clean and safe working environment fast.

Available in 2 versions:

The battery version is perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments, with no emissions and silent operation. The powerful battery has an ideal running time, maximizing productivity on a single charge. Combines electronic traction with a hydraulic multilevel dump system, creating a sophisticated machine that delivers on power and performance.

Kubota 3 cylinder engine, completely hydraulic front-wheel drive, increasing manoeuvrability and power. Suitable for outdoor environments, versatile on all terrains. Incredibly efficient, maximizing running time without the need to charge.

Key Information

  • Power source: 36 V battery, Kubota diesel engine, LPG / Petrol Kubota engine
  • Usage: Ideal for medium to large areas
  • Ideal for janitorial and industrial environments
  • Productivity: Sweep up to 18,720 m² / 201,500 ft² per hour
  • Hopper capacity: 236 litres / 62 gallons
Mach 6 ride on floor sweeper in colour grey


Effective on multiple surfaces:

Indoor and outdoor, hard and soft (including low profile carpet).

Ideal for medium to large spaces:

We recommend industrial sites such as building sites, schools, offices, stations, hospitals, public spaces, airports, shopping malls, retail stores, warehouses, car parks, residential areas and yards.

Safety features:

The Mach 6 has a safety sensor in the operator seat, reverse alarm, safety lights, hand brake and filter isolation.

Optional features:

As optional features, these models offer the following

  • an overhead guard
  • PVC cabin kit
  • polycarbonate windscreen and wiper
  • street homologation kit
  • flashing light
  • a left side brush kit
  • dust guard for side brushes
  • reverse warning light
  • complete light set
  • side mirror
  • spring seat

Ride on Sweeper Features

Hydraulic emptying system for Ride on Sweeper


Top-quality, the multi-level hydraulic emptying system raises the 236-litre steel hopper to 1.54 m. Quick and easy emptying at the touch of a button ensures the operator isn’t exposed to dust and reduces downtime.

Main brush for Ride on Sweeper


The MultiBristle® main brush is suspended on floating mounts, to accommodate uneven surfaces and wear. Brush pressure is adjustable to ensure maximum sweeping performance in any environment.


Rapid tool-free replacement of main and side brushes and full access to internal parts via service panels ensures quick and straightforward maintenance. Battery replacement is hassle-free, thanks to a built-in trolley that slides out.


Large polyester house filter retains 99.9% particles, delivering safe, dust-free cleaning. The filter has a long life, and unlike a panel, the filter doesn’t clog. A cycle runs every time the machine is turned off, cleaning the filter even if the operator forgets.


The HGK LPG-petrol hybrid version of the MACH 6 provides the flexibility to work in indoor and outdoor environments with the same machine.


With a durable, thick structure, the MACH 6 is incredibly heavy-duty. You can trust our manufacturing process that uses top quality materials and components, ensuring reliability, durability and low maintenance.


MACH’s robust Total Steel line of sweepers comprises heavy-duty machines fully reinforced for maximum impact resistance. The result is a sweeper built to perform in the harshest industrial conditions and to endure intense usage.


The new electric motor delivers 4 hours of working time with minimal noise impact.


Total sweeping path 1.560 mm / 62 in (2 side brushes) 1.560 mm / 62 in (2 side brushes) 1.560 mm / 62 in (2 side brushes)
Productivity 18.720 m² / 201,500 ft² per hour 17.940 m² / 193,105 ft² per hour 13.730 m² / 147,788 ft² per hour
Dimension (l x w x h) 1.560 x 2.380 x 1.900 mm / 50 x 94 x 75 in 1.560 x 2.380 x 1.900 mm / 50 x 94 x 75 in 1.380 x 2.380 x 1.900 mm / 50 x 94 x 75 in
Weight 1.175 kg / 2,590 lbs 1.163 kg / 2,563 lbs 1.386 kg / 3,056 lbs (with battery)
Drive motor hydraulic hydraulic with electronic control (2.200 W)
Main motor Diesel Kubota 20.6 hp Gas LPG Kubota 29.5 hp 1 x 36 V - 1.800 W - 2.5 hp
Forward speed 12,00 km/h / 7.5 mph 11,50 km/h / 7.2 mph 8,8 km/h / 5.5 mph
Hopper capacity 236 L / 63 gal 236 L / 63 gal 236 L / 63 gal
Filter type polyester bag filter polyester bag filter polyester bag filter

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