DEPURECO CVS 37 kW -500 mBar

DEPURECO CVS 37 kW -500 mBar

For a multinational company in the ceramic industry, we designed a very high-vacuum system. The customer request was to make suction possible on more than 40 points at the same time. All users are connected by more than 300 meters of piping above the production plant.

The CVS suction unit includes a 37 kW roots pump able to generate -500mbar. The filtration system is made by a DV-AIR 800 with  340.000 cm2 antistatic M class filter surface. Each cartridge is provided with a protective sleeve in PPL to avoid debris damaging its textile. Thanks to a smart inspection window, it is possible to check and maintain the filters quickly without disassembling the whole system.

After the M class filter, there is a huge Hepa 14 filter with a 110.000 cm2 surface to stop any fine particles below 1 micron and protect the suction unit.

Ceramic dust is very abrasive: this is why we have provided a suction inlet with a stainless steel interchangeable reinforced plate. A double electro-pneumatic butterfly valve in DN250mm guarantees a constant discharge process. A rotary level sensor is located in the collection cone to prevent overpassing the DV-AIR800 maximum capacity.

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