Protect Your Restaurant's Hygiene Rating with Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

  • By Stephen Taylor
  • 05 Sep, 2017
Commercial vacuum cleaners

As a restaurant owner, you have a duty to keep the place clean and hygienic for the sake of your customers' health, and you also have a legal obligation to comply with the minimum required standards of cleanliness. However, even putting the law and hygiene aside, you should keep the place looking pristine to entice customers through your doors.

Kitchens and restaurants can be breeding grounds for several types of bacteria that cause infections in humans, and just giving the floors a quick brush and rinse won't get rid of the problem. Because germs cause illness and can contaminate fresh food, you need to take cleaning seriously, and the floors shouldn't go unnoticed.

At Depureco, we're well aware of the risks associated with dirty restaurant floors, but we're here to tell you that there needn't be a problem if you invest in industrial vacuum cleaners. It can take less than an hour to clean your floors thoroughly with the latest models of sweepers, and thanks to our location in Telford, we can deliver products to any location in the West Midlands quickly.

How Do I Clean My Restaurant Floors?

As mentioned above, it takes more than a quick sweep to decontaminate a restaurant or commercial kitchen floor, but it doesn't have to take much time if you utilise the latest industrial vacuum cleaners.

·         Sweeper Vacuum

The first step towards ridding your floors of germs is to use a sweeper, which can effectively remove dust and debris without too much effort on your behalf. Thanks to being able to reach speeds of up to three miles per hour, sweepers can cover a vast area quickly, and the batteries can last for up to three hours without needing a recharge.

If your restaurant boasts a lot of floor space, you might consider purchasing a ride on sweeper vacuum, allowing you to remain comfortable as you eliminate the clutter from your floor in no time at all.

·         Floor Scrubber

After your floors have been swept and you want to finish the job, you should use an industrial scrubber to give the floors a wash. Some of our best-selling scrubbers can cover 26,000 square feet per hour, and if you have a particularly large restaurant, we have ride on versions available. Alternatively, if you need to duck and dive under shelving units, you might be better off purchasing a walk-behind machine.

·         The Best of Both Worlds

If you'd rather kill two birds with one stone, you may be interested in our combination models, which boast all the features found on scrubbers and sweepers. With one machine, you could thoroughly clean up to 67,000 square feet of floor space per hour, allowing you to maintain the highest hygiene standards with minimal effort.

Learn More about Our Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Restaurants

We have an extensive collection of scrubbers, sweepers and combo machines for commercial kitchens and restaurants, and we only stock vacuums from the world's most highly regarded manufacturers. Contact us today on 01952 588 881 to make an enquiry, or come and peruse our machines in person at Haybrook Industrial Estate, Telford, West Midlands, TF7 4QW.

By Stephen Taylor 06 Mar, 2018

5 Industrial Cleaning Machines for Your Business

Looking for the ideal industrial cleaning machine for your industrial or commercial space? Well, your quest ends here, as we have brought you the 5 different types of industrial cleaning equipment that all work wonders to ensure you never again have to fret over dirty and dusty floor surfaces. Thanks to advancements in technology, we have industrial cleaners that are high on efficiency and at the same time, safe and easy to use. They are designed to cater to different industrial cleaning needs.

1) Industrial Wet & Dry/Dry Vacuum Cleaners

These are meant for collecting wet and dry dust or only dry dust. They are of a cylindrical shape and compact design. However, the lightweight design can be deceiving in appearance, as these are highly efficient cleaning machines.


The Puma range are high efficiency vacuum cleaners aimed at heavy duty cleaning such as foundry, ceramic, nautical and mechanical industries. Its key features are:

  • Large filtering surface
  • Auto-dumping system
  • Remote control for central vacuum system

2) 3 Phase Vacuum Cleaners

The 3 phase industrial vacuum cleaners are meant for round-the-clock duty and are designed to be silent and maintenance-free, with powerful suction forces. A safety thermic switch protects it from overheating.

Mastervac 3 Phase 415 Volt Vacuum Cleaner

The Mastervac 3 Phase 415 Volt Vacuums come in 2 categories. Its key features are

  • Side channel blower suction unit
  • Control board with switch and emergency stop button
  • Drop down bin of 100 litres capacity
  • Filter unit protected by a steel chamber
  • High filtration efficiency of 3 microns

3) Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaners

These are heavy-duty vacuum pumps with compressed air suction units, with no electrical or mechanical components. They are equipped with noise buffers and consist of a filter unit and a collection unit. A compressor is required to run these vacuum cleaners.


It's an air operated dry industrial vacuum cleaner with the following features:

  • Dual powerful Venturi suction units
  • Filter surface of 30.000 cm2
  • High filtration efficiency (Class L, 3 micron)

4) Industrial Floor Sweepers and Scrubber Dryers

These are basic industrial cleaning equipment and come in two varieties – ride-on and walk-behind. While the former is recommended for larger floor areas, the latter can be easily used for smaller surfaces. These are available in different shapes and sizes, and are easy to use. They work particularly well in warehouses and factories.

M1100 ECO Scrubber Dryer

This is a heavy duty ride-on scrubber dryer ideal for the professional cleaning of areas up to 8.000 m². The key features are as follows:

  • Cleaning path of 110 cm
  • Twin brush scrub deck with combined speed of 8 km/h
  • ECO system, which allows enormous labour/water/detergent savings

Mach MEP Floor Sweeper

The Mach MEP is the first and only manual sweeper in the world able to control the dust. It's key features are:

  • Total sweeping path of 700 mm
  • Maximum sweeping speed 2100 sq\m\h
  • 100% ecological

Depureco, leading industrial vacuum cleaner suppliers in the West Midlands, can provide you with the best scrubber dryers for washing and drying industrial and commercial floors, as well as ATEX certified vacuum cleaners and HEPA vacuum cleaners . For a free consultation, contact us on 01952 588 881 or via email on . For more information visit our website



By Stephen Taylor 06 Mar, 2018

Tips for Cleaning Concrete Floors of your Warehouse

Concrete is one of the most common floors used in a warehouse for good reason. It is durable, sturdy and minimalist and mostly, easy to clean. However, because it of its’ long-lasting properties, over time, dirt and grime can mount up, particularly in a busy environment such as a warehouse. Depureco, suppliers of industrial cleaning machines across the UK have put together some advice for cleaning your concrete floors.

Indoor flooring

Indoor floors need a more modest approach than outdoor ones – a simple power wash won’t do. However, taking a simple mop and bucket approach won’t work in the huge space of a warehouse. Indoor concrete floors are also subject to a different kind of dirt than the outdoors, and the dust can mount up. This is where a good sweeper vacuum such as the Mach 3 Pro floor sweeper works brilliantly to suck up the dust with its excellent filtering system for finer particles. Alternatively, if your warehouse has explosive vapours or dust, you can purchase an atex certified vacuum to ensure health and safety standards are met.

Outdoor flooring

Outdoor concrete floors require a powerful approach to lift the grime that comes with everyday traffic. An industrial floor scrubber such as the M1100 ride on scrubber is ideal for larger outdoor space up to 8,000 metres square. It has a heavy duty chassis, so it can cope with the demands of stubborn dirt over time. Always avoid using any metal brushes when cleaning outdoor areas, as concrete can absorb pieces of it, and they will rust over time with continuous washing and exposure to the weather.

Maintaining your concrete floors

  • If there are areas of heavy traffic in your warehouse, such as where machinery loads and unloads, you can protect this by using large floor mats, to protect against wear and tear.
  • Every two or three years you should apply a concrete sealant to your floors, both inside and out, to prevent any staining. Make sure that you have used a floor scrubber dryer machine ahead of this so that you are not sealing any dirt into the floor!
  • Concrete floors should be buffed regularly so that they retain their shine. A high-speed buffer will leave your concrete floor gleaming.

Industrial cleaning machines are the best way to keep your concrete floors in tip top condition, regardless of how busy your warehouse is. Although concrete is fantastic for not showing the build-up of dirt, dust and general debris, it still needs regular cleaning and maintenance to look fresh and ensure your warehouse is a healthy work environment.

For the best industrial vacuum cleaner suppliers in the West Midlands , please visit DEPURECO at Haybrook Industrial Estate, Unit C4, Halesfield 9, Telford, West Midlands, TF7 4QW or call us on 01952 588 881 for more information. You can also email to speak to a member of our friendly team.




By Stephen Taylor 01 Feb, 2018

If you run a West Midlands venue that holds regular events, you’ll know how difficult it is to keep clean. No amount of staff cleaning day and night can cover the cleaning requirements of a place that regularly sees a huge amount of people passing through its doors. Public areas have huge amounts of foot traffic and people eating and drinking, but storage and security areas also need to be kept clean, and supplies need to be stored in a hygienic manner. This is where industrial cleaning machines really come into their own, ensuring your venue is left spotlessly clean, with no unnecessary stress or added expense.

Make life easier on your staff

Although you’ll still need professional cleaning staff, anyone that has to clean large areas will welcome the assistance of an industrial vacuum cleaner to help them with their job. This will speed up the process, which means that they can move onto other areas more easily and it also prevents the physical strain that has been such a feature of the job until recently. Many of the industrial cleaners are ride on, so your staff get to select the settings and simply direct the machine where to clean.

Less disruption of normal activities

In a public venue, there are many reasons that people may be in attendance, from staff to security to early-arriving guests or crews building a set. If you have a high efficiency vacuum , it will create less noise disturbance and you can also get other areas cleaned quickly so that you’re not in a rush to finish because someone has stayed late. It will also create fewer disturbances to any staff members who need to work through the night.

Quicker drying

If your cleaners have been using a traditional mop and bucket to clean the floors of your venue, it may take some time for the floor to be fully dry. If you’re using industrial floor cleaners, then the floor dries quicker, as the machine itself has an inbuilt mechanism to remove the moisture. They also don’t use as much water to clean, so it’s friendlier to the environment. Drier floors also decrease the likelihood of accidents, so you could be protecting yourself from liability.

More efficient

As mentioned above, less water is used in industrial floor scrubbers, and industrial vacuums suck up more dust and dirt. Anything that has previously been difficult to remove becomes easier if you have an ATEX certified vacuum . This means that your venue is actually left cleaner than ever before, creating a better atmosphere for anyone who attends.

If you have floors that need to be cleaned constantly, but your West Midlands venue is also open all hours, then adding a high efficiency vacuum will save you time, money and save the energy of your cleaning staff. Speak to Depureco about adding an industrial cleaning machine to your equipment by calling 01952 588 881 or via email on
By Stephen Taylor 01 Feb, 2018

Cleanliness is the key to any successful company though it can prove to be quite a task. Most companies prefer stick to the conventional and laborious age old techniques as a matter of habit. The use of brooms and mops will provide a level of surface cleanliness, but this method tends to leave behind dust and debris and also requires more time and manpower than is required these days.

Technology has given rise to a wide array of new cleaning equipment such as industrial vacuum cleaners, sweeper vacuums , etc. which enhance the entire process of cleaning. On a scale of effectiveness and efficiency, the new age technology is simply far superior when compared to the tried and tested methods we’ve used down through the ages. The list of benefits of switching to industrial cleaning equipment is endless, but here’s a few to think over:

Benefits of investing in industrial cleaning machines:

  • Less manpower : Rather than one broom or mop to a room/floor, industrial cleaning machines can do all the work with greater efficiency and speed. This ultimately leads to the reduction of the number of people required to work in the cleaning department as it requires comparatively less effort. It also acts as a cost-cutting element.
  • Reduces cleaning time to almost half : We all know that machines are significantly faster than manual labour. Thus, the use of industrial cleaning machines reduces the time that it takes to clean the space by more than half!
  • Covers larger floor spaces in just one go: Larger floor spaces can be cleaned in one go with effective machines that fit the task. All you have to do is run these an industrial cleaner across the room rather than the tedious task of cleaning it by brooms or mops. Another time-saving benefit!
  • Cost efficient: An industrial cleaning machine is a worthwhile investment which reaps the benefits that it promises. Over a period of time, you will observe the savings on manpower and save on replacing your usual cleaning equipment due to wear and tear. Industrial cleaners are not only efficient but also last for longer periods of time. Their reusability, durability and efficiency make it a cost efficient option.
  • Cleaner environment: A cleaner environment always results in higher output of work from your staff. Thus, creating a conducive work-environment is essential in any company. The industrial cleaning machines pick up the little particles of dust and debris that the brooms or the mops tend to leave behind. The use of these machines would pave way to a cleaner environment and higher output in a much more hassle free manner.

Here at Depureco, we aim at providing you with the best of industrial cleaning equipment to cater to your every need. We sell products ranging from atex certified vacuums to scrubber dryers. Ditch the age old cleaning techniques and acquaint yourself with impressive industrial cleaning equipment that make your job easier!

By Stephen Taylor 04 Jan, 2018

Looking after a building is a big operation for any major business whether it be a supermarket, warehouse, school, hospital, restaurant or a cocktail bar. Maintaining the place from the floors, walls, ceilings and any other components that are key to running of the business, should be given top priority. With floors covering a vast space, investing in a good quality industrial vacuum cleaner is important. But with so many industrial vacuum cleaners out there, it can be hard deciding on which one is suitable. Industrial vacuum cleaner suppliers Depureco have put together some tips on what to look out for when investing in an industrial vacuum cleaner for your business.


Safety is paramount in a workplace both for employees and its customers. One of the ways you can ensure everyone’s safety is by investing in a battery powered or electrical industrial vacuum cleaner . The lack of a cable means no one will trip up due to the power cord. It is also important to look out for superior cleaning and disinfecting capabilities of an industrial vacuum cleaner to reduce the presence of harmful bacteria in the environment. You may want to consider an ATEX certified vacuum , which will help protect against the danger of explosion in the presence of flammable gas and dust. Dust can also trigger allergies and asthma, so another option is to consider a HEPA vacuum that can help reduce the amount of dust you inhale. A high-efficiency particulate air filter can filter out 99.7% of small particles. Finally, a riding industrial floor cleaner machine should be cushioned for comfort and have adjustable seats for users to help reduce spinal injuries or back pains.


When choosing the power source for an industrial vacuum cleaner , business owners have two choices. They can choose between battery-powered or electrical industry cleaning machines . Battery-powered models give users a lot more flexibility and are regarded as high efficiency vacuum cleaners because they cover more space with less hassle. Operators won’t have to worry about searching for an electrical outlet and the risk of anyone tripping over will be eliminated. But if cost is an issue when investing in industrial vacuum cleaners , battery operated vacuums may work out more expensive because they require more maintenance and must be fully-charged before being operated.


When investing in a high efficiency vacuum , you may want to consider noise. Some industrial vacuum cleaners are a lot noisier than others. This is crucial if your business requires daytime cleaning when customers are in and out of the building. Industrial cleaning machines that don’t go beyond 70 decibels of sound are ideal to keep noise down. But if noise isn’t a problem because cleaning is done late at night when there is little foot traffic, business owners will not have to worry about noise pollution when it comes to customers. They may however, still think about their employees and provide them with headphones to block out noise.

Industrial vacuum cleaner suppliers Depureco can help with all your industrial cleaning needs including industrial vacuum cleaners and industrial floor sweepers. The trusted suppliers of industrial grade cleaning equipment are based in the West Midlands and operate across the UK. They can be contacted for a free, no-obligation consultation on 01952 588 881 or via email.

By Stephen Taylor 04 Jan, 2018

There are certain times of year when your restaurant will be busy. Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day, there are lots of times where staff will be rushed off their feet. That’s why it’s important to always have a plan in place to ensure everything is still done properly during these times, from ordering to accounts, and one area that can get neglected is cleaning. Using industrial cleaning machines can help to keep your West Midlands Restaurant clean, and get it ready for the next day of trading. Here are some tips to ensure you’re ready to open on time during busy periods.

Get prepared

Having a plan in place is essential for busy periods. If your restaurant is somewhere like Birmingham’s city centre, you may open late morning for lunch, and be open until late at night, which doesn’t give you much time for planning. That’s why it’s important that those on the closing shift use a high efficiency vacuum , and get the dining room ready for the next day. Some other things that should be done at night include:

·        Cleaning the kitchen and all crockery

·        Wiping down all tables

·        Cleaning floors in all areas

·        Checking the bathrooms are clean

·        Laying the tables for the next day

·        Ensuring the tills have been cashed up and have plenty of change

It’s always better to have staff stay slightly late, rather than opening late the next day because things aren’t ready, but if you have a plan in place this shouldn’t be necessary.

Have a checklist

A checklist ensures that all the night-time jobs are done properly, and nothing is missed. This can be really helpful when food prep needs to be done the night before, or if you need to remind people to use the sweeper vacuum before they leave. It also means that staff can’t cut corners and claim they forgot to do something, as it’s easy for you to check.

Deep clean

Cleaning can often get neglected during the busiest times, but if you have lots of big groups of people, then it’s more important than ever. To avoid having people stay late, consider investing in an industrial vacuum cleaner , which will keep the carpets looking fresh for the next day. Anything you can do the night before will help staff on the day shift, and ensure you don’t open up late.

Clean around customers

If you have a 24-hour business, or often suffer from late night stragglers, then your staff might need to start cleaning before everyone has left. This can make the process more efficient, and ensures people aren’t staying too late. Using a high efficiency vacuum and closing one section at a time can really help, plus this avoids the problem of more customers coming in and demanding service.

To find out more about how industrial cleaners can help your business, get in touch with Depureco, Haybrook Industrial Estate, Unit C4, Halesfield 9, Telford, West Midlands, TF7 4QW. Simply call 01952 588 881 to learn more about our range.

By Stephen Taylor 04 Jan, 2018

Keeping the floors clean is an everyday challenge for any commercial space, as a large number of traffic frequents the area every day. Be it a mall, hospital, hotel or a multinational, dust and debris will cover the floors far more than the walls and ceilings.  This demonstrates that the importance of keeping the floors of any commercial space clean, although it may prove a tough and costly affair.

Find a solution

Sweeping and mopping floors manually everyday is not an easy task, and in a large organisation, it will save you time and money to opt for a smarter way of working, for both you and your staff. Instead of continuing with traditional tools such as broom and mop, which may prove ineffective and even exhausting, innovation has improved industrial cleaning machines in a number of ways, and they now prove invaluable in improving the hygiene and aesthetics of your organisation.

Choose your preferred model or what suits your needs

Ideal for commercial space cleaning, industrial vacuum cleaners , floor sweepers and floor scrubbers do much efficient work than a regular broom or mop. For instance, an industrial floor sweeper makes the work easier, whether you choose a ride-on model or walk-behind. This reduces the chance of injury for your staff operator as well as providing easy usage. Simply select the one that is more suitable for your space as both the options are manufactured for the sweeping of small as well as enormous industrial and commercial floors.

How industrial cleaning machines are the intelligent choice

*Efficient Cleaning

Technology makes our lives easier and more comfortable than ever and purchasing an industrial cleaner of any description can mean removing excess manpower. Industrial vacuum cleaners will clear up heavy duty debris and are built to deal with large amounts of waste that normal vacuum cleaners are not. This saves the operator time in emptying bags and restarting their work, thus they do not need to work the long hours after the business has closed, and saves on excess overheads when your company is not in operation. The efficiency of these machines shows significant cost savings over time. It has also proven to be more hygienic and give better results than a normal after-hours cleaning team, even from the most reputable cleaning company.

A better environment for your team

One of the best features of industrial cleaning machines is the time saved on the job. Employees do not have to deal with cleaning teams interrupting their workflow, the cleaning team do not have to work long hours, and everyone is happier in a cleaner, safer environment with less noise pollution and interruption.

Economical for now, and the future.

There is no doubt that the industrial sweepers and vacuums are more cost effective due to their durability and longevity. They also do the work faster than any manual labour, and as mentioned, deliver stellar results that may not be gained from a cleaning team of ten people.  

If you'd like to know more about the new technology and high efficiency vacuums on offer in the UK, please visit DEPURECO at Haybrook Industrial Estate, Unit C4, Halesfield 9, Telford, West Midlands, TF7 4QW or call us on 01952 588 881 for more information. You can also email to contact a member of our friendly team.

By Stephen Taylor 04 Jan, 2018

When you step into a shop, what’s the first thing you notice? While you might think it’s the displays or signage, the cleanliness is one thing that customers really do think about. We often take it for granted that shops will be clean and tidy, and only notice if a shop is messy, so it’s important that the first impression that customers get is a good one. If you own a shop in the West Midlands, where there’s a lot of competition, here are just a few of the reasons why cleanliness is so important.

Health and safety

When customers enter your shop, it’s important to keep them safe. Dirty floors or spills can lead to slips and trips, and using industrial cleaning machines can provide an easy way to clean them up quickly. You should ensure you vacuum your floor regularly, not just at the end of each day, as this will give you an excuse to clear any clutter, and ensure there aren’t any tripping hazards in the way.

First impression

First impressions count in retail, and whether your shop is located in the Birmingham Bullring, or the Grand Western Arcade, it needs to look as clean as possible. Using a sweeper vacuum regularly, and ensuring staff clean during quiet periods helps you to:

·        Ensure your shop looks welcoming

·        Make it a more pleasant place to shop

·        Keep the shop looking fresh and clean

·        Help make your products look more appealing

Nobody wants to spend money in a shop that’s grubby and dirty, as they may feel the products are also unclean. By cleaning your shop regularly, you are more likely to make a sale.

Find products easier

If people come into your shop with a certain product in mind, then they want to find it easily. Not only should your shop be well organised, with similar products grouped together, but it should regularly be decluttered and cleaned with a high efficiency vacuum . If the shop is clean and tidy, customers are more likely to come inside and look for the product they need, and will have a much more pleasant experience overall.

Cleaning different areas

Keeping staff motivated is also important to running a great retail business. In addition to cleaning the shop floor, make sure you use an industrial vacuum cleaner to hoover the back rooms and staff areas. This will ensure staff can find items that aren’t on the shop floor, and replenish stock easily, as well as being able to relax when they are off-duty. Retail can be a tough job, so it’s important that the entire store is clean and pleasant to cheer up both staff and customers.

Get in touch with Depureco, Haybrook Industrial Estate, Unit C4, Halesfield 9, Telford, West Midlands, TF7 4QW to find out how we can make shop cleanliness so much easier. Simply call 01952 588 881 to learn more about our industrial cleaners and get a quote.

By Stephen Taylor 30 Nov, 2017

The West Midlands is full of amazing restaurants, with something to suit all tastes. From the Balti Triangle in Birmingham, to village pubs on the outskirts of Telford, there are lots of restaurant owners in the area, of all which must follow strict hygiene procedures in day to day operations. One area that can be a challenge to keep clean in a restaurant or takeaway kitchen is the floor. With loads of people milling about, trying to get food served as quickly as possible, the floor can soon be a mess. However, with properly trained staff and the right equipment on hand, you can ensure your floor is clean and safe. Here are some reasons why cleaning your kitchen and dining area floors is so important, and the best ways to do it.

Health and safety

Health and safety laws about flooring are strict, and your floors should be:

·        Suitable for purpose – i.e. non-slip

·        Free from obstructions

·        Free from spills and contamination

·        Free from trip hazards such as unanchored mats

If a spill occurs in your kitchen, it’ll therefore need to be cleaned as soon as possible. For dry spills, an industrial vacuum cleaner is a great option, as it’s so much more efficient and quick than a standard vacuum. For wet spills, you may need a scrubber dryer or similar piece of equipment. Wet spills can be dangerous, as the floor can often look dry when it’s not, so getting the right equipment is key.


The Food Standards Agency carries out inspections around the West Midlands area, and publishes the results online, meaning any member of the public can see your hygiene rating. Whether you run one of the large curry houses in Birmingham city centre, or one of the cosy Mediterranean restaurants in Sutton Coldfield, you’ll have both surprise and scheduled inspections. It’s important that high levels of cleanliness are adhered to, so using a HEPA vacuum on your floors can make a big difference to the first impression that you make, ensuring areas such as carpets are dust-free.

Customer perception

The busy restaurant scene in the West Midlands is very competitive, and that’s why customer perception is so important. You need to know that your dining area is clean from top to bottom, and using a high efficiency vacuum ensures that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned before you start serving. While customers don’t normally notice the floor, they’ll certainly notice if debris is left behind, or if the carpet generally looks unclean, so make sure a proper vacuuming is carried out before you open. Cleanliness is one of the major factors that determine customer experience, so it’s something that staff should always be aware of.

To find out more about our industrial cleaning equipment for restaurants, get in touch with Depureco today on 01952 588 881 or e-mail . Based at Haybrook Industrial Estate, Unit C4, Halesfield 9, Telford, West Midlands, TF7 4QW, we supply equipment throughout the UK.

By Stephen Taylor 23 Nov, 2017

We all love having a clean, calming home to relax in, but when it comes to the workplace, our cleanliness habits can go out the window.  From blocks of serviced offices in Telford, to businesses on the Pensnett Estate or Gravelly Industrial park, every workplace needs to have a clean and pleasant environment in order for employees to thrive. If clutter and dirt has built up, then it might be time for a deep clean. Here are some ways that it can benefit your workplace, whether you work in an office or industrial environment, and how you can get the best results.

Keeping people safe

Workplaces that are cluttered or dirty can often be dangerous too. Health and safety is important to the modern workplace, and avoiding injuries at work will ensure you don’t have staff taking long periods of sickness. Using industrial cleaning machines is the best way to ensure the job is done to a high standard, and this has functions such as:

·        Removing debris

·        Cleaning up spills

·        Cleaning dust and allergens

·        Clearing the area of hazards

This makes it easier to keep people safe, and makes the workplace a more pleasant place to be.

If your workplace is an industrial environment, then you may need specialist cleaning equipment as a health and safety requirement. If you deal with hazardous chemicals or explosives, give Depureco a call, as they’ll be able to advise on their range of products designed for industrial use.

Improving productivity

If you’ve ever tried to work somewhere that’s dirty or cluttered, you’ll know how distracting it can be. Unfortunately, it’s easy for workplaces to become a mess, especially during busy periods, but clutter can mean that doing tasks takes longer. By having a good de-clutter, you can ensure it’s easy to find things such as tools and paperwork as you need them. If you’re using an ATEX certified vacuum , then decluttering makes it much easier to clean in industrial environments, such as manufacturing plants around Wolverhampton and other areas.

Many studies have shown the impact of a clean work environment on employees, and it not only reduces sickness, but helps them to do their jobs better, so your workplace becomes more efficient.

Prevent damage

Whether it’s an expensive piece of manufacturing equipment or your office carpet, proper cleaning and maintenance can save money in the long-term. For example, if you use a high efficiency vacuum , you remove all the debris from your carpet, so it wears down less and lasts for longer. If you invest in something new for your business, you need to know that it’s going to last, and a regular deep clean can help.

Find out more about Depureco’s products for a cleaner workplace. Based at Haybrook Industrial Estate, Unit C4, Halesfield 9, Telford, West Midlands, TF7 4QW, they cover the West Midlands and rest of the UK. Simply call them on 01952 588 881 or e-mail to find out more.

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